A little Kindness with lunch!


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101.5 KGFM is spreading Kindness this summer.

Folks seem to be in a good mood around lunchtime, especially at a restaurant!  On Wednesday, May 18,  E.J. Tyler and the KGFM Kindness Crew stopped by the McDonald’s at 23rd and F Street in Downtown Bakersfield and bought lunch for some of the customers waiting in the drive-thru.  As the line thinned, the Kindness Crew went inside to treat a few folks waiting at the counter.  Everyone was appreciative, and the reaction of one customer was especially gratifying as she told us she was down to her last couple of dollars before payday.

If you have an idea or event suitable for the KGFM Kindness Crew, let us know!  Email kindnesscrew@kgfm.com!


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The Kindness Crew at lunch!