Jennifer Grant

    Hi, I’m Jennifer Grant. Nice to meet you!

    In the 2nd grade, I received a clock radio as a gift from my grandparents and that was it, I was officially hooked on radio (much to my parents dismay!)

    A few things you should probably know about me:

    1) I’m a sucker for a furry face and have several rescue dogs (and one semi-rescue cat that likes to hang out in my yard. Probably because I feed him all the time)

    2) Big baseball fan. Huge baseball fan. Love, worship and adore baseball. Cubs and Giants are my teams! And I will never bleed Dodger Blue…

    3) I’ve been a “Big Sister” with Big Brothers/Big Sisters for 7+ years. My “Little Brother”, Jaydon, is a totally amazing and awesome kid.

    4) I’d like to think I’m super-organized and know what I’m doing but the reality is I’m usually flying by the seats of my pants and winging it. Makes for some very interesting moments in life sometimes…

    Thanks for finding out about me…and THANKS for listening to 101.5 KGFM!